Kitchen Demand Ventilation

Kitchen Demand Ventilation

Spring Air Systems has it all!

Recently our Ontario Building Code changed. All commercial kitchen exhausting 5000 CFM or more must incorporate either a heat recovery unit or a demand ventilation package. A heat recovery unit is ridiculously expense. A demand ventilation package has the best return on investment (ROI).

We at Spring Air believe that every kitchen should have a demand ventilation package, because Spring Air has one to suit every budget. Each demand ventilation package provides an excellent ROI. Some provide payback within less than one year of operation. Our demand ventilation package is called Truflow.

What is a Truflow?

A Truflow package automatically reduces the kitchen exhaust and supply air whenever appliances are not used or at full capacity. When the appliances are not used and the heat is turned down or off the Truflow automatically senses this reduction and decreases the amount of exhaust and supply to match exactly what's happening under the kitchen exhaust hood. Truflow automatically modulates the exhaust and supply to suit the actual cooking operation at any given time during the cooking day.

When your average commercial kitchen exhaust system operates at 100% capacity for 12 to 18 hours per day, thousands of wasted energy dollars are blown out the roof. By reducing the exhaust and supply during idle cooking periods, the Spring Air Truflow saves you money on both the fans electrical operating cost and the ever increasing cost of heat and cooling your kitchen.

Spring Air Truflow models

The Truflow-TC is the most economical of the Truflow line. The Truflow-TC can be installed on any commercial kitchen ventilation system. The additional installation cost is virtually the same as a standard, old school, motor starter exhaust fan control package. Variable frequency drives (VFD) replace the motor starters for the supply and exhaust fan and a couple of control wires connect from the Truflow-TC panel to these VFD's. The Truflow-TC requires the exhaust fan motor to be inverter duty. Just about any makeup air supply fan can be used because the exhaust and supply are only reduced by 15 to 20%. Resulting annual savings are in the 10 to 20% range.

The Truflow-TL with a touch screen control monitors ventilation system efficiency relative to utility costs, in real-time, so the kitchen can be managed to take advantage of off peak times by turning down appliances. An energy reduction goal can be setup to help reduce utility costs even more!

Truflow-TL provides users with the ability to increase the exhaust volume to 100% at any time (override function). Override will cause the system to run for an adjustable timed period and can be activated at the hood or via a remote control. Because the user controls it, overrides are kept to a minimum to maximize energy efficiency. Truflow-LT not only saves the user money on energy expenses it can also help extend the life of equipment by demanding exhaust only when it is really required. The panel can be hood mounted or wall mounted, allowing many convenient options of where to locate the panel and wireless remote unit. Truflow-LT is internet accessible, making it ideal for multi-unit management. Communication between all demand ventilation components is with standard CAT5 cable. The Truflow-TC require exhaust fan motor to be inverter duty and supply makeup air units to be Truflow Enabled because reductions in exhaust and supply volumes are up to 70%. Resulting annual savings are in the 50 to 70% range.


The Truflow-TF is very similar to the Truflow-TL. The touch screen is larger, from 7" to 10" square making it easier to see from further away. The Truflow-TF also provides communication directly to the building management system using LON, BacNet and many other common communication protocols. The complete Truflow-TF can be operated directly through a LON system. Truflow-TF has E-Talk that communicates with the maintenance department through email to advice the operating status of the Truflow-TF. The Truflow TF require exhaust fan motor to be inverter duty and supply makeup air units to be Truflow Enabled because reductions in exhaust and supply volumes are up to 70%. Resulting annual savings are in the 50 to 70% range.


The Truflow-TZ is the most advanced demand ventilation package available on the market today. The Truflow-TZ provides everything the Truflow-TF does plus it modulates the individual exhaust branches to each hood to increase energy savings. A Zoneflow modulating damper is installed in each duct collar. Where a kitchen ventilation system has one exhaust fan and multiple hoods the Zoneflow damper at each duct collar modulates each individual hood air volume to match the cooking operating. The Zoneflow damper signals to the exhaust VFD to slow down or speed up the exhaust fan to match the individual hood operation. If there are 5 hoods, 10 hoods, the amount of cooking under each one will adjust the exhaust volume independently. Zoneflow dampers are simple to install and connect to the Truflow-TZ with CAT5 cable. The Truflow-TZ require exhaust fan motor to be inverter duty and supply makeup air units to be Truflow Enable because reductions in exhaust and supply volumes are up to 80%. The Truflow-TZ allows can also balance the exhaust air to each hood during commission before the demand ventilation starts. This is done at the touch screen panel. A commercial kitchen exhaust system with one fan and multiple hoods can now provide as much savings as a one fan one hood installation. Resulting annual savings are in the 50 to 85% range.

The Collis Group is well versed in all the Truflow models and can help you decide which is best for you. Using our web based program they can provide instant cost and savings for all the Truflow packages.